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Does your Small Business have a website?

What are you waiting for?
Don't let your competition have the edge.
Click on the Images below to
see some of the sites I have created

I can create a website with a hosting plan for you.
Register your domain name "www.yourcompanynamehere.com".

Locate a host server for your website,
register with the appropriate DNS servers.

Design the pages for your site using a combination
of your company logo, custom graphics and text.

Post them to your website hosting server.
Discuss a maintenence and updating agreement if req'd.

Due to the wide range of plans and complexity of websites,
give me a call to discuss your needs and the approximate costs that will be involved.


The Silver Rose Floral Gallery website
The Silver Rose Floral Gallery

Orleans Blues website
Orleans Blues Hockey Team
Orleans Rebels website
Orleans Rebels Fastball Team

Gloucester Rangers website
Goucester Rangers Hockey Team

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