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  • Home users - Are you like many families are now? Do you have more than one computer in the house and would like to be able to share files between computers, or share your Internet connection? Why not set up a small network at home and use those computers to their full potential.

  • Do you own a Small Business and now feel that you need to share files between workstations? Networks can actually help improve office productivity by allowing Data, Printers, Plotters, Internet connections etc. to be shared by several users.

  • Do you have an existing network that isn't performing as it should? Why not set up an appointment to have an assessment of your network structure? I can make suggestions on what improvements should be implemented.

  • Is your Network security being compromised? Are the access permissions set up correctly to prevent unauthorized members from viewing or tampering with confidential files? I have Microsoft NT4 and Windows 2000 Administration experience.

  • Do you have a Back-up system set up? Are your Anti-Virus DAT files up to date? This old saying comes to mind.
    "You don't know what you've got till it's gone." A regular back-up plan can save countless hours of recreating those lost records.

  • I am also available for Network Administration on a contract basis (Hourly or Daily). Truth is, most small businesses can't justify the cost of a full-time Administrator...nor do they need one. By having me perform the regular maintenance on your network, you can take care of the little problems before they become big ones.
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